12 Mar

What’s Up Wednesday

WUW3This is my very first What’s Up Wednesday post! I saw Jenny Perinovic do this recently and thought it seemed like a great way to keep up to date with what I’m up to and hopefully meet more bloggers. The idea is very simple. I answer the four questions below, and tell you what’s up!

WHAT I’M READING  I’m reading WHAT KILLS ME by Wynne Channing. I’m in love with this fast paced bloody YA vampire book. I’ve been reading it for weeks, however, because I’ve barely been reading. Too absorbed in writing. I really want to get back to it though. I was in a bit of a reading slump when I started it and it pulled me right in.
WHAT I’M WRITING  I’m writing the first draft of the second BRODY UNDEAD, and revising the first BRODY UNDEAD. It’s a novelette series I’m working on. It follows a girl named Brody who is a real badass. She believes in never being bored. She’s a multimedia artist who’s big on YouTube, lives in the ‘burbs, and is obsessed with the weird house and family living on the edge of her development. Brody is so fun, I could write this series forever. I’m also getting together WHERE DRAGONS GO TO DIE, which is a serial I’m going to begin posting THIS FRIDAY! I’m excited. It’s a dark fantasy with lots of magic and sisters and a ship and bones and dragons! I wrote this years ago and am excited to be moving forward with it.
WHAT INSPIRES ME RIGHT NOW My to-do list? I’m coming to the close on so many projects, I’m always inspired to work on the next whenever I look at it. Also, working on posts for the new group blog I’m a part of, The Midnight Society. It’s a YA and NA guide to the undead, a blog for dark lit, and thinking up posts gets me thinking of all the amazing stories and artwork out there, and then I feel like writing.
WHAT ELSE I’VE BEEN UP TO I published Liberty Bound (Lacuna Valley #2) this week! So I’m doing a bunch of little things for that. I’m also working on my first posts for The Midnight Society, as mentioned. And, watching out for mice. *sigh* There is nothing that terrifies me more than mice, and we had one get in last week. I live in fear. On the upside, I’m using that in a story. So…yay? No, I can’t even fake a yay, mice are awful.

9 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. Brody sounds like my type of girl (and I LOVE her name!) So that sounds awesome. Also yay novella series!

    Congrats again on publishing Liberty Bound! Am trying hard to finish Spirit Bound before starting yet another book. It’s so good but time is just not on my side. (Bound is a popular title word. My dropped for now MS was called Demon Bound a lot.)

    • Yeah, being more productive with writing and publishing means less reading time. It’s such a sad thing! Need more hours in the day.

      Bound is a great word because of the many ways it can be used and interpreted in different circumstances. I hadn’t noticed how often it’s used in titles until I settled on Liberty Bound.

      • I feel like I never notice how common something is until I am always using it and then I’m like “Darn it! I thought I was so clever.” Hahaha. Thus is the way of things.

        I need a week in Hawaii to hike and read (of course, I say that, but I’d bring my laptop and write too. What is ‘vacation’?)

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