25 Feb

What’s Up Wednesday

RobotIt’s been a while since I’ve done a What’s Up Wednesday, but I miss it. Plus, Mr McKay started doing it today, so it’s on my brain.  If you haven’t seen this before, it was started by  Jaime Morrowand Erin Funk and is a great blog hop for connecting with other writers, and checking in on your progress.



I recently started, and disliked, a whole run of books. It happens. It might have something to do with going through a bunch of books I LOVED first (THESE BROKEN STARS OMG I LOVE YOU). A few days ago I remembered that I usually break out of this with a non-fiction book, so I read (and loved) THE ART OF ASKING by Amanda Palmer… but now I’m back to opening and closing a bunch of things. I’d like to break out of this funk asap, please.


I’m working on my All Girl Pop Band vs Zombies series. I made a really fun pinterest board for it.  I’m trying to draft the first five books in a row, but I’ve given myself permission to switch projects at number four if I need to switch things up. I’m hoping to have 20k more drafted before next Wednesday.


I’d like to say that I get up, feel great, and work early in the morning! Yeah! But lately what’s been working for me is working at night. I read back through old scenes that I love, blare Ida Maria spotify radio, and type type type. It’s been feeling like my fingers are moving like slugs lately, but when I check (feeling like I wrote 300 words) it turns out I’ve written 1,500. It’s just been difficult.

Last night it got much easier after remembering that the character I was writing was a rambler. I love her rambling ways. 🙂


Wednesday is also comic book day, so Spider-Gwen is new! Yeah!

I also blog over at The Midnight Society on Wednesdays, where we blog about all things macabre with a focus on YA horror. I’ve started doing a series on all things Frankenstein, which is a ton of fun. Frankenstein’s monster has always been my favorite classic horror.

I feel a little boring. Mostly, I’m thinking about writing. Finding interesting new ways to kill zombies takes a LOT more thought than you might think. When it’s right, though, it’s hilarious. So, worth it. 🙂

8 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. I’m a night writer too. It’s the only time when the house is quiet and I can sit down and get a lot done. Mornings? Not so much. As for THESE BROKEN STARS, the sequel just arrived in the mail yesterday and I’m looking forward to devouring it! Good luck getting that next 20k down!

    • I have the sequel in my hands, too! I’m nervous to start it, just because I loved the first one so much.

      Thanks for the luck! 🙂

  2. I have gone through periods where nothing I’m picking up to read is catching my attention. Those times are the worst! Hoping something sticks soon. 🙂 I’m the opposite of you and my sister, Erin, (above)–I write strictly during the day. My brain doesn’t function well enough in the evening to get creative. If I can manage it, morning is the best time to get my butt in the chair and writing. I think it’s great how we all have different things that work for us as individuals. I’ve learned so much and picked up so many great tips from this community.

    Have an awesome week, Faith!

  3. Ugh I wrote up half my WUW post this week and then never got around to finishing it. I’m the worst.

    I’ve had major book slumps and it’s so depressing. Sometimes it’s just hard to find something I click with, especially after reading a couple of books I love to pieces. Hope you work your way out of the book slump soon. (Also yay These Broken Stars!!)

    I’m so jazzed for the Girl Band in the Apocalypse series. Also I love your pinterest board!

    • Thanks 🙂 The pinterest board always makes me smile. Did you notice I added Lollipop Chainsaw?

      I actually thought about WUW, and encouraged Robert to do it, after seeing you did it last week. Maybe we’ll all do it this coming week now!

      It is really depressing to be in a book slump! I finished Cruel Beauty last night, went to pick up another book, and had to really force myself to start reading something else (and started three things before settling in). It’s bizarre and annoying.

      And yes. These Broken Stars. *happy sigh*

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