25 Mar

What I’ve Been Up To


+ I mostly finished BLOOD & GLITTER (Deadly Divas, #2) a little while ago. I need to look over some last proofreading notes, and format this beautiful beast. But it’s only a few hours work.

+ I’ve been working HARD on Deadly Divas THREE so that I can release two and three super close together. Revisions, revisions, revisions! It’s looking like a book at this point, and I’m in a moment of “Holy moly how did that happen?” shock. I feel like I was just fiddling with it one day, looked up, and realized it was a book… and am now experiencing almost-done panic, right on schedule. What am I panicking about? I don’t even know. I just hate finishing things. That’s weird, right? Yes, definitely weird…

+ I helped Robert McKay with the final touches publishing his newest book BEAUTY AND THE FLEET (Intergalactic Fairy Tales, #2). He actually wrote that book for me. I was reading a lot of retellings and complaining that I wasn’t finding what I wanted, so… he wrote me a book.

Beauty and the Fleet by Robert McKay

That came out yesterday! *throws glitter* If you’d like to read it, you can get this beauty on amazon.

+ I’ve been reading his next book, too. :)

+ Hanging out at libraries, like I do.

+ Making moving plans. Yes!

+ Reading. I’m on book 6 in SM Reine’s Descent series. I need to get my hands on book 7–the end of the series! Ahh! Reine has a TON of free books on amazon. I was counting it out yesterday and I have read 10 of her books free. The first three in the Descent series, all four Seasons of the Moon, plus the first three Preternatural Affairs. All of her many series take place in the same universe. So read 10 free books, and then be sucked in for life. (I’m onto her evil plans and have fallen happily into line.)

And that’s me.  You?

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