21 Jan

What I’ve Been Up To Lately


+ Working on Blood & Glitter (Deadly Divas, #2). I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS BOOK. The whole series. Writing about this group of popstars fighting zombies could probably sustain me for the rest of my life.

+ Listening to lots of stuff. Today, it’s mostly Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats (I am obsessed!). Robert got me new headphones (I have been headphoneless for over six months) and my life is vastly improved! I have leveled up guys. They have bluetooth, so they can be cordless. I am free as a bird! No one has ever been as grateful for headphones as I am for these babies. I love them.

+ Going to the library or the food court of Whole Foods, and working on book stuff. Changing the scenery makes me feel like I’m not just doing the same thing all the time.

+ Reading. I’ve recently read the first three Rylee Adamson books by Shannon Mayer and need to get my grabby hands on #4. If you’ve read it: Alex is the best. And Eve.

+ Looking forward to Robert’s parents coming to visit us next week!

+ Writing out scenes to books I’m not supposed to be working on right now. Oops.

+ Using Habitica like a boss. I manage my life like a video game and now the world makes sense.

+ Tweeting.

+ Watching travel videos on YouTube. Do you do this? What are your favorite channels? Or videos?

And that really accounts for everything, except like, cooking for two hours a week (and stuffing everything into containers, because who has time for daily effort?) and the hour I spend at the laundry mat on Sunday mornings. Even then, I’m book working. And listening to music. If there is an option to see how many hours you listen to Spotify in a week, I’d be scared to look at it.

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