13 Feb

That Time Your Character Retweets You

Susan Hughes

So this morning I’m on twitter, I check my notifications, and I just blink for a few seconds as I see the words, “Susan Hughes retweeted you.” For those of you who don’t know, Susan Hughes happens to be a character in the Lacuna Valley series, one that I love a whole awful lot.

I’m sure it’s a very common name, I know, but how often does that happen, really? It made my morning, especially when she teased me a little in reply. I think I’m going to smile every time one of her tweets pop up in my timeline!


P.S. The real world Susan Hughes is a fun person who happens to be an editor, so she loves books! You can follow her here.

One thought on “That Time Your Character Retweets You

  1. HA! That is so awesome. Reminds me of “Stranger Than Fiction.” 🙂

    I forget how it happened, but my mom came across someone with the name of one of her novels’ main characters on Facebook—Rosemary Goode.

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