10 Apr

Kill Zombies, Sing Songs

Rockin' the Apocalypse

I’m still hard at work on this series. When I’m not coming up with new ways to kill zombies, or listening for what outlandish thing these girls will say next, I’m going through songs, pictures, and my trusty thesaurus, working to uncover a title for this series. Well, this series, the books, and the band itself. Those are the most important items on my NEEDS A NAME list, which grows longer every day.

I’m going to share some examples from my title list with you, because I enjoy embarrassing myself by showing off my struggles. Are you ready? Are you listening?

Spice World

Here we go.


I’ve got two different gifs ready, depending on your reaction.

I know, I know. I amaze even myself.

I know, I know. I amaze even myself.

I tried, and therefore no one should criticize me. :)

Okay, really though, titling a book is harder than writing a book. Does that seem right to you?

If you’re picking up on a theme from this list, I want the title to tell people this is a story about girls killing zombies, with a humorous, campy, tone.

This is a small sampling of my lists. I’m working away at it. I’d like to believe I’ll know it when I see it, but I believe I’ve seen too many now to think clearly. I much prefer to dive into my untitled story and do things like…

Emma Watson can take of herself.

It’s a great life. 🙂

I’m so excited to share this story, it would be a lot easier if I knew what to call it. Any and all insight to this struggle is welcome. This is not a drill. I assure you: the struggle is real. (For this writer, anyway. I hear some writers find this titling stuff easy.)Josie and the Pussycats Make Up

All other thoughts, including gif appreciation, are also welcome. Yes, folks, this is me saying: you should leave this lonely writer a comment!

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05 Apr

My Writing Process Blog Hop

I was tagged by Tori Centanni for this blog hop. Hi Tori!

1) What am I working on?
Mostly I’m working on Merryn’s story, which is best described right now by the pinterest board I put together. It’s a pretty story full of curses and magic and sea serpents and lots and lots of birds.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre? Other people have been better at telling me how I’m different than I have. On multiple occasions, I’ve been told that my stories tend to have a unique blending of contemporary issues into my paranormal stories, and that there’s a touch of the quirky. After hearing the word quirky repeatedly, I decided to start owning that, even though it’s not something I usually notice until it’s pointed out to me.

3) Why do I write what I do? Because it’s fun and cathartic.

4) How does my writing process work?

I usually start off with strings of random scenes and I write them all down as fast as I can. These random scenes keep coming to me all the way through revisions. During my outlining process, I take the ones I have and lay them out like puzzle pieces. Then I’ll write up ideas for scenes as other pieces of the puzzle, and lay them all out on a table until I have them in order. Then I type those up and print them out, and end up making notes on the printed pages as I draft, rearranging the pieces. Those pieces of paper end up pretty ragged by the end of the drafting process.

When I read through my first draft, I write a new outline by making notes on what happens in what I have written. I’ll then reference that outline during revisions, rearranging until everything makes sense. I print off a fresh outline once the story is officially done and keep that for easy reference when writing sequels.

My outlines are messy and made as I go and only the final outline would make sense to anyone but me, but they’re the backbone of the whole venture.


And I’m tagging

Jenny Perinovic
L.S. Mooney
Jolene Haley

12 Mar

What’s Up Wednesday

WUW3This is my very first What’s Up Wednesday post! I saw Jenny Perinovic do this recently and thought it seemed like a great way to keep up to date with what I’m up to and hopefully meet more bloggers. The idea is very simple. I answer the four questions below, and tell you what’s up!

WHAT I’M READING  I’m reading WHAT KILLS ME by Wynne Channing. I’m in love with this fast paced bloody YA vampire book. I’ve been reading it for weeks, however, because I’ve barely been reading. Too absorbed in writing. I really want to get back to it though. I was in a bit of a reading slump when I started it and it pulled me right in.
WHAT I’M WRITING  I’m writing the first draft of the second BRODY UNDEAD, and revising the first BRODY UNDEAD. It’s a novelette series I’m working on. It follows a girl named Brody who is a real badass. She believes in never being bored. She’s a multimedia artist who’s big on YouTube, lives in the ‘burbs, and is obsessed with the weird house and family living on the edge of her development. Brody is so fun, I could write this series forever. I’m also getting together WHERE DRAGONS GO TO DIE, which is a serial I’m going to begin posting THIS FRIDAY! I’m excited. It’s a dark fantasy with lots of magic and sisters and a ship and bones and dragons! I wrote this years ago and am excited to be moving forward with it.
WHAT INSPIRES ME RIGHT NOW My to-do list? I’m coming to the close on so many projects, I’m always inspired to work on the next whenever I look at it. Also, working on posts for the new group blog I’m a part of, The Midnight Society. It’s a YA and NA guide to the undead, a blog for dark lit, and thinking up posts gets me thinking of all the amazing stories and artwork out there, and then I feel like writing.
WHAT ELSE I’VE BEEN UP TO I published Liberty Bound (Lacuna Valley #2) this week! So I’m doing a bunch of little things for that. I’m also working on my first posts for The Midnight Society, as mentioned. And, watching out for mice. *sigh* There is nothing that terrifies me more than mice, and we had one get in last week. I live in fear. On the upside, I’m using that in a story. So…yay? No, I can’t even fake a yay, mice are awful.