29 Jul

Lip Sync Battles, for your soul.

So, I have a thing for Jimmy Fallon’s lip sync battles. They’re amazing. Feeling down? Need a pick me up? LIP SYNC BATTLES, seriously. They’ll help your soul. *nods*

First, Emma Stone:

I’d never heard Emma Stone’s last song here (not gonna spoil it for you) until watching this, and now have it on my Confidence Playlist. I have a hard time not laughing every time it comes on. Also! I’d really expected her to do a Spice Girl song. If you look up the Spice Girls on tumblr, you find Emma Stone on talk shows discussing her obsession.

Next up is Joseph Gordon Levitt and Stephen Merchant. Seriously, omg, I’m never getting sick of this. JGL? What are you bad at?

And, Paul Rudd, which I believe is actually the first time they did this, so I have to conclude that Paul Rudd’s second song is the reason this became a thing at all. I mean, wow. Paul Rudd, this is why I seek you out, for moments like this. Damn. That was beautiful. Seriously, just watch…

Okay, if you don’t stop what you’re doing when Juke Box Hero comes on, I really think you need to reexamine your life choices.

MORAL OF THIS POST: I need to get me a job that requires Lip Sync battles.