06 Apr

Blood & Glitter (Deadly Divas, #2) Cover Reveal

I was working on things a little bit ago and realized I never have posted anything about the BLOOD & GLITTER (Deadly Divas, #2) cover! I love the covers (and the titles) for this series. The folks over at Deranged Doctor Design worked really hard on these. I can’t wait to show you the third cover–there is something about seeing three lined up together that makes me all giddy! I’ll be sure to do that post in a week or two.

Alright. You ready? Here it is. BLOOD & GLITTER.


Blood & Glitter (Deadly Divas, #2) by Faith McKay

It matches up well with the LIPSTICK & ZOMBIES cover, don’t ya think?

05 Oct

New: Staring Contests, a Lacuna Valley Short Story

blog staring contests

This short story is FINALLY out in the world! I wrote this ages ago. While the cover is not my favorite, I’m in love with the story. We get to see more about Alzina and her life, meet a character I’m very fond of, and even get out of the valley for a little while!

Staring Contests Faith McKay

Staring Contests (Lacuna Valley)

Alzina has never left the valley—until now. It’s not much of a vacation hunting for an evil thief with your uncle, but a werewolf has to take what she can get.

Staring Contests is a short story of 9,000 words. It takes place during the first several chapters of Liberty Bound (Lacuna Valley, #2) and should be read after Prophecy Girl (Lacuna Valley, #1).

You can read Staring Contests on Kindle.

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19 Mar

YA Spring Fling Interview with Author Kimberly G. Giarratano

YA Spring Fling med

Today Author Kimberly G. Giarratano is being interviewed here on the blog as part of the YA Spring Fling happening from the 20th March to the 3rd April. There are over 100 different books for readers to win, and over 70 authors. To be entered to win some of greatness you’ll have to check out things tomorrow (the 20th) but today you can still be guaranteed at win at least one free Ebook by signing up to the mailing list HERE.

Special thanks to Sarah Dalton, who put this great experience together!

Now, onto the interview, where you’ll learn more about Kimberly G. Giarratano and her books!

What’s your favourite thing about spring?

Seeing my lawn for the first time in months and shedding my winter coat. I live in the Poconos and I am sick to death of dirty, yellow snow packs.

What’s the best thing about being a writer?

I love the creativity and work flexibility. I hope to never work a 9-5 job again. I also love the reader response to my work. I love to talk books and it’s both surreal and amazing when people talk about characters and worlds I’ve built. There’s no other feeling like it.

What’s the worst thing about being a writer?

Honestly, it’s the actual writing. It’s fun to be creative and to develop characters and plot twists and settings, but it can be exhausting to sit your butt down and pound out words.

GrungeGodsTell us more about your books.

I wrote a YA paranormal romance/mystery called Grunge Gods and Graveyards. If you love romance, a page-turning mystery, ghosts, and the 90s, you’ll love Grunge Gods. There’s lot of references to late 90s alternative music in the story. I’m currently revising a novella to Grunge Gods called The Lady in Blue. That’s a spin-off story and should be out soon. And I wrote a short story that’s available on Amazon called One Night Is All You Need. If you have 99 cents to spare or are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, I recommend you download a copy. I think it’s some of my best writing.

Tell us something interesting about your main character.

Lainey Bloom is a 17-year-old in 1996 (she’s actually my age) who loves alternative music and is terrible at Spanish. She can also see ghosts, which puts her in an interesting position to solve a murder. She’s also got a great sense of humor.

Coffee or Tea?


Plotter or Pantser?


What was the last YA book you read?

I’m currently reading All The Truth That’s In Me by Julie Berry. It’s haunting and beautifully written.

Why do you write YA?

I was a YA librarian for a few years before I had kids. YA is my favorite audience level. I’m a big believer in writing what you love to read.

What are your top tips for surviving a bad review?

Read the one star reviews of your favorite authors and you’ll see no one is immune. You can’t please everyone, so you gotta get past it.

Where can readers find your books?

Grunge Gods and Graveyards can be found on all ebook platforms. If you click here, it will take you to links for all retailers. One Night Is All You Need can be found only on Amazon.
I can be found at www.kimberlyggiarratano.com and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/KGGiarratano. I love to hear from readers.


YA Spring Fling no text med YA Spring Fling Logo

Don’t forget! To be entered to win some of greatness you’ll have to check out things tomorrow (the 20th) but today you can still be guaranteed at win at least one free Ebook by signing up to the mailing list HERE..

22 Apr

Liberty Bound Tour

Liberty Bound Blog Tour

Liberty Bound is visiting with some of my favorite book bloggers this week! There’s a tourwide giveaway for 15 winners–ecopies of Prophecy Girl and Liberty Bound–and reviews popping up all over the place. Today, you should check out Happy Tails and Tales, where they have a review of Liberty Bound up for you. She writes great, detailed reviews, so it’s a great blog to check out!

Liberty Bound by Faith McKay

Liberty Bound (Lacuna Valley, #2) Synopsis 
All Sam ever wanted was to be free of her mother. With a happy home and Nick at her side, life should be great. But life has never been that simple. With the werewolves angry, the deal with the seasonals broken, and her mother on the run with the orb, Sam is more lost than ever. This would be a great time to make use of her prophetic dreams, if she could only figure out how to navigate them.

While Sam seems powerless, her little sister is not, and everyone wants to take advantage of her wish-granting abilities. It’s all Sam can do to keep them at bay. At nine years old with powers that could save—or end—the world and a mother who left her for dead, Violet’s had more than her share of awful. Sam’s not about to let anything else happen to her sister. But Violet is starting to realize that with all her power, maybe she doesn’t need Sam’s help at all.

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Author’s Website

Also check out Prophecy Girl, Lacuna Valley #1 and add it on Goodreads!


Prophecy Girl by Faith McKay

Prophecy Girl (Lacuna Valley, #1) by Faith McKay

Liberty Bound by Faith McKay

Liberty Bound (Lacuna Valley, #2) by Faith McKay

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07 Apr

What I Read in March 2014

read in march

  • Unbreakable by Kami Garcia
  • Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson
  • Alpha & Omega (Locke & Key Vol 6) by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez
  • Thorns (The Frost Chronicles #2) by Kate Avery Ellison
  • Frost (The Frost Chronicles #1) by Kate Avery Ellison
  • The Cabin in the Woods: The Official Visual Companion
  • What Kills Me by Wynne Channing

So I read some really awesome books in March. I’m really loving The Frost Chronicles and am reading the third one right now.  What Kills Me was hard to put down, and it’s free on amazon, so why aren’t you reading it? It’s a fast paced YA vampire book with an awesome lead character and a healthy amount of blood. I made Robert McKay read it, and he was thankful. Do it!

I really enjoyed Tiger Lily, which I was pretty skeptical of going in. It’s narrated by Tinker Bell, which is pretty damned perfect.

I read the end of Locke & Key, my very favorite graphic novel series, and the end was beautiful, so I have to recommend that one even harder now. It’s a dark fantasy with this intense and amazing mythology. Again, why aren’t you reading this right now?

In summary: you should be reading a book.