20 Aug

Strange Music Videos – Surprise ’em with a victory cry!

I have a thing for music videos. I’m often disappointed by them, but every once in a while, I find something truly amazing that makes the slush worth it. I like the weird ones. One of my favorites is always going to be Ce Jeu by Yelle. I think it’s a lot better because I don’t know what the lyrics are–I looked them up once, and it was nothing about dinosaurs on skateboards, so I quickly stopped.

So many questions are raised here. Is that a hamburger person on your sleeves? Are those french fries on your sunglasses? Is that a matching french fry bangle when you’re dressed as a candy cane in the candy cane room? Does that make that candy cane camo? Why was that guy so sad when he turned into an origami jackal? Or was that a bear? The questions are all the more important as they remain unanswered.

Safety Dance by Men Without Hats is a classic of all that is wtf. I don’t know what you expect from a song like this, though.

SURPRISE EM WITH A VICTORY CRY! Everybody, look at your hands! “And we can dress real neat from our hats to our feet…” (I thought this song was by “Men Without Hats”?) Where do the questions even start with this video? If he wants everyone to look at their hands, why doesn’t he look at his own? Are you sure it’s safe to dance in a chicken mask?

Total Eclipse of the Heart is such a ridiculously amazing music video, that I feel it should always be watched with the literal version, highlighting all its majestic beauty.

I walk onto a terrace where I think I’m alone, BUT ARTHUR FONZARELLI’S GOT AN ARMY OF CLONES! … Mullet with headlights!

I also super love Fiona Apple’s Every Single Night, but I don’t think there are any questions about the video because it totally makes sense with the song. It’s really a great day when you realize you’ve written a song where you can wear an octopus for a hat and it totally makes sense.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, just the ones I had on my mind this morning.

What are your favorite music videos?

UPDATE: Oh! And another great one that totally makes sense, is Ida Maria’s I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked. There will never be a more appropriate use of stripping bananas.

I could probably go on forever.

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