01 Jun

iridescent warriors and beachball babies

I never felt the urge to listen to Ke$ha, and I know a lot of it has to do with that dollar sign in her name, and the rest has to do with how rarely I feel the pull to listen to pop music. But when music plays a big part in your writing, and you spend all your life with the words, well, you’re going to end up listening to most stuff. And I’m sure you’re expecting me to get around to talking about this Ke$ha music, but what I’m actually trying to say, is that if I had seen this album cover sooner I would probably have a Ke$ha tattoo by now. (If you’re thinking, “Who the fuck has a Ke$ha tattoo?” you, my friend, are ignorant to the fandom ways. Here’s one of her face, and the dollar sign on a wrist, to let you know how wrong y’are.)  Anyhow, the album cover…


Okay, after seeing this, I was maybe a little disappointed that her music wasn’t a little more like that Lady Gaga song where she talks about riding that unicorn on the road of love, (Follow that unicorn! On the road to love! …Ride, ride pony, ride, ride!) but you can’t have everything.

Look at that iridescent magic. Purple mountains majesty. It’s a great big WTF? and I love it.

I’m pretty sure I intended for this post to lead around to me talking about music I end up listening to for stories, and this girl pop band in an apocalypse story I’m developing, and some other writer life stuff, but I got distracted by that iridescent magic and now I just have to show you this short Donald Glover video where he talks about how as people get older they can’t handle weird stuff.  I almost broke my neck nodding at this video.

You can watch the longer version right here, which actually cuts off early, but includes the introduction where he talks more about how as people get older they can’t handle weird stuff. As kids we accept weird stuff like Santa Claus, and as an adult, someone tells us Glee comes on at 9 instead of 8 today and we say, “Fuck you! Really? Why’d they change it? Why?” We can’t take any change, whatsoever.

Anyhow, I’m off to work on my story involving the undead and a YouTuber and maybe I’ll poke around at my girl pop band in the apocalypse. I’m confident that both of these stories will get some, “It’s too weird. It’s gay. I don’t get it.” Which, if you listened to how he pictured that Lady Gaga & Kanye West tour, gives me the confidence to say that these stories are headed in the right direction.

If you find a baby in a beachball, tweet me.

2 thoughts on “iridescent warriors and beachball babies

  1. Weird is good! I’m super intrigued by your apocalyptic girl pop band things! (I have a girl pop thing but it’s more a media machine and the girl involved is the protagonist’s sister, but yes. This is a thing I enjoy.) I love weird and I think it’s awesome to embrace weird. I think readers want weird, too, especially YA readers. :)

    Donald Glover is awesome. I seriously heart the heck out of him. I’ve never really listened to Ke$ha but that is an amazing album cover.

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