23 Apr

Excerpt from Liberty Bound

Hey guys! Have you checked out The Caffeinated Diva Reads Liberty Bound? Another great blog to check out, and not just because they liked the book. 😉

Today I’m excited to share this excerpt from Liberty Bound (Lacuna Valley, #2). Please keep in mind that if you haven’t read Prophecy Girl (Lacuna Valley, #1) this excerpt is full of spoilers. It also serves as a great reminder for what’s going on in the series for those who read Prophecy Girl a while ago.

Liberty Bound by Faith McKay

 Excerpt from Liberty Bound (Lacuna Valley, #2) Chapter Two:

Tommy had driven the two hours home in silence. It was only when they were seated in the living room of his pink home, with Zach and Violet asleep upstairs, that Nick finally broke the silence.

“We still have Violet,” he whispered.

For one infinite moment, the world froze. That was the last time Sam remembered quiet. Ever since that silent infinity, her mind had been stuck in a very loud, very animated, overdrive. It was as if Tommy had never stopped shouting.

“I guess that makes it all okay then! She has THE ORB, the all controlling reason for our family’s entire existence, but I guess everything is fine because we don’t, as of yet, know of any way for her to activate it. It’s not here, controlling things like we’ve sworn it would, but that’s fine, too. Everything’s fine, fine, fine. When I have to go tell Charles what has happened and he tells me my family has broken the deal that keeps his kind from killing every person here, I’ll just tell him that Danielle doesn’t have Violet, so it’s fine! I think he’ll be okay then, don’t you? I don’t think he’ll just kill me on the spot. BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS FINE!”

“I didn’t say everything was fine, just that-”

“It’s damn straight not fine, Nicholas Thomas Saylor! It is not fine! We are so far from fine that I don’t have any idea how we’ll ever see fine again. Do you? Do you have some plan to make this fine, or did you just think it would fix itself? Did you think I’d fix it? Or Adam? Or your girlfriend? Or that’s right—you thought Violet would fix it. The nine year old. The puppetmaster. Because puppetmasters have had such a positive effect on our family so far! Let’s go wake up the little girl and see if she knows how to make everything fine. You think it’ll work? Or do you think she’ll wish us all into oblivion? Really, Nick? What were you thinking?”

Nick clenched his jaw. Sam wasn’t quite sure if he was trying not to yell, or cry. He turned to face the wall. Tommy flexed his own jaw before turning to stare at his own wall, both of them seething.

She knew she should have said something. Everything was her fault, afterall. Each time she replayed the scene in her mind she imagined herself stepping forward and saying something, but she knew it was important that whatever it was she said was great. She’d spent her time since that day trying to figure out what that something was.

She couldn’t say it would be fine. She couldn’t say she’d fix it. She wanted to fix it, but how? How? How? The word plagued her.

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