26 Mar

What’s Up Wednesday #3

Alien3It’s time for another What’s Up Wednesday post, where I tell you about what’s up with me. This blog hop is a great opportunity for a check in with myself…

WHAT I’M READING I finished Thorns by Kate Avery Ellison and Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson. I’m just getting back into Allegiant. I’m 60% in. I had started reading this when it first came out, but then wasn’t getting into it, and people on the internet were all upset, and I didn’t really want to know anymore. I hate endings.

Which reminds me, I also read Locke & Key, Vol. 6: Alpha & Omega, the end of Locke & Key. *heart breaks* What a perfect series. This is my favorite comic, and you should read it! Dark fantasy, completely interesting mythology. I love dark family stories. And the ending… is good. *happy sigh*

WHAT I’M WRITING Stuff. 😉 I can start talking about this next week, I think. I’m in manic drafting mode, and feel uncomfortable breaking to write this post.
WHAT INSPIRES ME RIGHT NOW I have a pinterest board and playlist for my work in progress. Most of the songs are stolen from my bird playlist (yes, I have a bird playlist. I also have a hands playlist, elephants, stars… I’m a weird lady, okay?) including “Little Bird” by Annie Lennox, “The Bird Song” from Florence + the Machine, Blackbird from The Beatles, “Little Bird” from Imogen Heap, and Death Cab’s “Talking Bird.”
WHAT ELSE I’VE BEEN UP TO   There are other things? On Friday I’m going to Emerald City Comicon! I’m excited about it! When I remember it’s happening.

24 Feb


Accidentally deleting my website was a major bummer, but since it happened in the middle of a reworking of this site anyhow, it struck me at the perfect time to make me rethink what I’ve made of this place. And so now, I have new plans!

himym barney thumbs up at computer

I used to have a lot of fun blogging. I updated my livejournal several times a day for years, and then moved onto building up a fairly large personal site. And then blogging seemed to change, and I lost that feeling of home. That’s a silly thing to let happen, so back to the fun I go!

The pages of this site are (slowly) being updated and changed. I’m adding info for the books and other things. I’ll make an announcement when I’ve sorted all that out. The layout (I’ll never get used to saying theme instead of layout) here is still being poked and prodded as well.

Most days of the week you’ll be seeing my normal strangeness, just a whole lot more of it. On Fridays, though, I thought I’d do something a little different. If you were reading my blog before my site disaster, you may remember me telling you that you NEED to read Freakangels (seriously why haven’t you done that yet?). I didn’t read it until long after it was out in paper volumes, but my friends used to read the six pages that came out every Friday. The fabulous Elizabeth Barone has been serializing Baby Brooklyn on her website. All of this, combined with remembering how I used to have a lot of fun with my website, reminds me of the days I used to serialize my stories on my site.

And so! I’ve decided to post installments of Where Dragons Go to Die (The Commodore) here on Fridays. This story lends itself perfectly to this format, and I’m excited to finally be sharing it. I originally wrote Where Dragons Go to Die about three years ago. It’s getting a fancy rewrite and coming to this here blog in the next couple of weeks. It’s a dark fantasy tale with… well, dragons. And magic. And bones and blood and ships and… well, you’ll see soon enough!

Coming Up:

  • Liberty Bound! Lacuna Valley, #2 is completed. It’s formatted and all that pretty stuff! I’m just waiting on a hold up with the cover art, so it could be up any day. The first folks to know will be those on the mailing list, so sign up if you haven’t. I’m thinking I’ll post the first chapter on here this week. What do you think?
  • Staring Contests  This is Lacuna Valley 2.25. It’s a short story following Alzina during the first several chapters of Liberty Bound. Again, you want to be on the mailing list, as those wonderful people will be receiving this in their inbox in April. I’ll post the cover and more information for this on its page once I hear back from the cover designer. :)
  • Where Dragons Go to Die As mentioned above, this will be released in installments on Fridays! This March! Yay Dragons!
  • The Midnight Society.  I’ve joined an upcoming group blog where myself and 8 others will be blogging about the dark and lovely. This will hopefully be up this month, and you’ll see me posting there on Wednesdays. In the meantime, you can check out our twitter or facebook page.


I think this is all I needed to tell you about today, though I’m definitely working on a handful of other things. I’d tell you about one of them if only I could decide on a nice name! Ahhh! Oh, well. Lots going on in my writerly cave these days. Half of me is really excited about finally moving forward with these projects, and the other half of me…

This may be what I've looked like each time I've gone to post Chapter One of Liberty Bound.

This may be what I’ve looked like each time I’ve gone to post Chapter One of Liberty Bound. I’m SO fond of Chapter One, OMG, but I can’t even handle it.

But like I said! Progress! We’re letting the excited half lead, the part that just thinks stories, stories, stories and lets the rest fall away. So what do you say? High five?

himym high five barney