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faith mckayStoryteller. Scribbler. Alliterater. Word creator. A little weirder every day.

Before I knew how to form letters on the page, I scribbled lines that looked like writing on page after page, bound them together, and handed them to people. I think that most writers tend to have a moment from their younger years they look back on and think, aha! it was destiny, and this is the earliest of mine.

I wrote a book with characters that struggle with the idea of having a destiny called PROPHECY GIRL. In comparison, I really lucked out that my destiny was to struggle with comma placement and be that awkward lady who points out puns at parties.

But like Walt Whitman said, I am large, I contain multitudes. Other things to know about me…

I wear two different colored shoes. My favorite thing about this is people’s extreme reactions to it. Honestly, I just think it’s fun.

I am a survivor of child abuse. I could make a snarky comment here, but that seems rude to the kids who are still facing their abusers. If that’s you, you aren’t alone.

I listen to more music than people are probably supposed to. If you follow me on twitter, you’ll see what I mean.

I have lived with chronic illness for over a decade. For more about what it’s like to live your days with a chronic illness, check out the spoon theory. I use most of my spoons writing my next novel.

A lot of people don’t like me because I laugh too much. I’ve been told this a lot of times, so no, I’m not kidding. It’s also the reason a lot of other people do like me, so go figure.

Would you like to know more things about me, or my books? The contact page is full of ways you can get in touch.

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